New Year's resolutions and predictions

Woo, it’s been about two weeks since my last post! Not good, not good.. All I can say is, I enjoyed my time off, but I’m back and feeling great!

So the holidays have come and gone and 2016 is upon us. Time for some New Year’s resolutions and a few educated (?) guesses as to what this year may have in store for web development, JavaScript, Linux and me in particular.

My resolutions

It’s never a good idea to make too many grandiose resolutions lest none of them come to pass. Better is to keep them realistic and achievable. Still, aiming a little high can’t hurt, can it? Here are some things I want to achieve in 2016:

  • Get a job in software engineering/web development (I guess this is the big one).
  • Get very comfortable with ES6/ES2015 and start looking at the next version.
  • Learn some Go.
  • Take and pass another algorithms course.
  • Learn the ins and outs of SVG.
  • Write a simple vim plugin to fix something that’s been bugging me.
  • Write a simple Reddit bot just for fun.
  • Run a 5k under 30 minutes (yes I’m a slowpoke).

Predictions for web development in 2016

Why post predictions? Well, why not? I’ll feel like a right Nostradamus if some of these come true. And if they don’t, I’ll just conveniently forget all about ever having made the predictions in the first place. Here are my educated guesses with regards to web development and JavaScript in 2016:

  • The number of new front-end frameworks will continue to skyrocket. None will become a de facto standard in a JQuery kind of way. An unholy amount of to-do applications will be built using all these frameworks but none will ever be used by humans.
  • Everyone will go absolutely crazy about Angular 2 when it’s officially released. React and Angular will remain the big two for a while but Vue, Aurelia and Ampersand will surge in popularity as well.
  • Static sites will make a comeback in this single-page-application heavy world for performance and caching reasons.
  • WordPress will slowly begin to move away from its old PHP codebase and embrace NodeJS.
  • Web app performance and UX will continue to increase but native applications will remain the top choice for mobile users.
  • Kyle Simpson’s OLOO pattern will become more popular than ES6-classes.
  • In spite of many hyperbolic blog articles and hostile opinion pieces, PHP, Ruby, Python and Node.JS will all continue to be widely used in production and Go will become a viable choice as well.
  • SVG will finally make a huge breakthrough in the mainstream web development world.
  • Wars will continue to be fought over which editor people should use, even though the answer is obviously (neo)vim.

Predictions for Linux in 2016

  • Users who upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 will rejoice when they finally get the option (in Unity) to move the sidebar to the bottom and the window control buttons to the right.
  • The Ubuntu phone will be quietly shelved.
  • Gamers and critics will write hateful diatribes full of Windows-centric complaints, but SteamOS will become a serious gaming platform. Along with the release of Vulkan, this will make Windows less of a necessity for gamers and bring the year of the Linux desktop a little closer. Maybe?
  • Microsoft will do something shocking to the open source world and lose all the goodwill it’s been earning in the past few years.
  • Wayland will become a usable Xorg replacement. Rumors of the window manager/desktop environment landscape being about to undergo serious changes will circulate widely, but for now only bearded Linux gurus will actually use it.
  • Certain people will continue to loudly complain about systemd not being compatible with the Unix philosophy but the overwhelming majority of users won’t care.
  • ChromeOS will gain a ton of market share in the desktop pc market as the OS matures and android apps become available on it.
  • A new contender will emerge in the desktop pc market in the form of an even-cheaper-than-a-chromebook/box plug-and-play extensible Linux-box built around a Raspberry Pi-like single-board computer.

So, yeah, I guess that’s it. Of course this is just for fun, but whether any of these come true or not, have an amazing 2016 everyone! I know I will!