awman / arch-wiki-man: man the Arch Wiki offline

Note: Kyle from pointed me to an existing project which solves the same problem this project was trying to solve. It’s super fast and Python-based, check it out. Read on to read about arch-wiki-man if you prefer a Node-based solution or want a somewhat fancier menu.

I got round to finishing my command-line Arch Wiki reader the other day. Basically, it comes with a dependency on my arch-wiki-md-repo, which gives you a local (frequently and automatically updated) copy of the entire (English) Arch Wiki in markdown format. It also gives you an awman command (as in arch-wiki-man) to man or apropos the wiki. This works by querying a local database and then converting markdown to troff on the fly, saving it to a temporary file and spawning a man process to open it.

image title

I personally find it useful to quickly consult the Arch Wiki without having to head to my browser, but another good use case might be if you think you won’t have internet access later but know you will probably want to check the wiki. But mostly, I just made it for learning purposes and because I really wanted this for myself and the existing solutions didn’t work for me at all.


Make sure you have Node and npm and install my package globally:

npm install -g arch-wiki-man

It will take a minute or two because of the rather meaty (but freaking fantastic) markdown parser it comes bundled with.


Do an awman --help or awman -h to get some quick help. Basically, feed it one or more search terms and it will query the local database for matches in the title. Use the -d or --desc-search option for searching in descriptions and the -k or --apropos option for searching in the entire contents (which makes the search run slower).

If just one article matches your search, it gets converted into troff, saved to a temporary file and opened with man.

man screenshot

And if multiple articles match, you get a little selection screen:

Menu screenshot

When inside the man page, press h to get help on key bindings but the most important ones are: j for one line down, k for one line up, d for half a page down, u for half a page up, / for search, n for next, N for previous and q for quit. Oh, and to exit the menu without selecting anything, just do a ctrl+c.


I maintain an npm module with the latest updates to the wiki and push updates every two days. Using semantic versioning, I set it up so arch-wiki-man fetches the last version whenever you reinstall the package. This means the easiest way to get the last updates to the wiki into your local copy is:

npm install -g arch-wiki-man

There we go, I hope it proves useful to someone out there who isn’t me! If you like it, star it on GitHub and if it doesn’t work for you, make a pull request or file an issue! Or just send me some hate mail <3