hexo-easy-edit 1.1.0: colors, drafts and dates

I just pushed an update to my hexo plugin. Changes:

  • Menu output now displays the title instead of the slug. Extra information like published status, date and folder has been added as well for convenience.
  • Output is now color coded.
  • Support added for filtering on before-date (-b, --before), after-date (-a, --after) and published status (-d, --draft).
  • Internals have been promisified for much easier reading :-)
  • Various little tweaks to make command line editing of your hexo blog posts more convenient.
hexo-easy-edit 1.1.0 screenshot

Still on my todo-list for this project:

  • Turn simple title regexing into fuzzy search.
  • Add a remove command.
  • Improve the publish command.